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The Digital Unify (DU) is ST Foundation’s major program.  It aims at spreading the benefits of digital technology, by providing free of cost both the technology as well as the basic training to those who have no knowledge of how to use a personal computer and access the internet.


Newspapers, magazines, internet multimedia reviews and interviews on ST Foundation’s activity.


A summary of the Foundation’s activity, achievements and focus areas in the past years.


The DU Program has been active in 25 countries since its inception: Bolivia, Brazil, Burundi, Cambodia, China, Congo Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, France, India, Italy, Malaysia, Morocco, Malta, Malaysia Nepal, Philippines, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Senegal, South Sudan, Thailand, Tunisia, Uganda. It has reached over 300’000 beneficiaries as of June 2015.

We are also moving the first steps in Germany and in 2015 we will become operational.

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