Feedbacks from the ST Foundation key stakeholder: the beneficiary

The Foundation, with the support of its local staff and partners in all countries of intervention, reached a sample of those ICB students that attended the classes during the last trimester of 2015, asking them to fill in a form designed to understand their perception of the Digital Divide, the key learnings they got from the course and the ways in which they are going to use their new skills.

A total of 200 documents were received and analyzed. The most significant comments have been presented in the 2015 Annual Report.

Feedbacks from the STFoundation key stakeholder: the beneficiary

As a general result we can say that all the respondents are satisfied with the DU course and they find the content good and globally exhaustive. We have explicit demands of increasing the hours and subjects of the syllabus from Brazil and Bolivia.

The key learning of this pilot test, that will be repeated in 2016 on a larger scale with the support of the online system, clearly shows how the STFoundation students consider the opportunity to attend this informatics course as a tool to:

1) Find a job;

2) improve education and knowledge;

3) share the acquired skills with family and friends.

Further details are shown in the below chart that summarizes the answers given by the respondents per topic.

Feedback Analysis