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Letter from the president

STF / Letter from the president

Dear Colleague and Friends,

First of all, allow me to say, how honored I am to take over the leadership from Patrice. I had been working with him at STMicroelectronics for over 10 years and I remember his professionalism and human touch in his job. When  our paths came together at the Foundation I found again these qualities together with the strong energy to make the organization grow.

I am pleased to continue enhancing and increasing the Foundation’s activities, especially during these difficult times, we are all living in.  The scale of the problems we face these days, such as the pandemic leading to a protracted economic crisis, worldwide increasing inequalities between those who have the means to meet the challenges generated by COVID-19 and those who do not have them, a dizzying pace of technological changes, just to name a few examples, can seem overwhelming.

It is in such a period, that we have set the very clear and, maybe, ambitious goals, to make our contribution to closing this digital gap. COVID-19 not only exposed a weakness in this aspect, but it also worsened the situation in many cases. This global pandemic has demonstrated that this phenomenon is prevalent, present in every corner of the globe. Thus, we understand, that a real and inclusive social well-being cannot be possible without a digital transformation, that embraces every community, all over the world.

In such a complex situation, every organization should take a moment to rethink its activities. The Foundation has done it and continues to do so in order to readily and appropriately address these new needs, that were accelerated by the pandemic.

The reality, we experience these days, has been the most unthinkable event in the history of mankind. The world, as we know it, has been changed forever, affecting every aspect and level of our lives.  The digital divide concept itself has drastically evolved over the last few months, and for this reason, the Foundation has decided to continue its enforcement of the so called “Society Digitalization activities”.

Overnight, we discovered how countries like Italy and France had fragilities that we did not even imagine before. And to reply to these needs the Foundation decided to invest in new solutions for these exact demands. We are not abandoning our historic initiatives, but we are exploring new frontiers and new possibilities, in order to address that digital education poverty, that has been depicted by many recent research studies on the impact COVID-19 had on European countries.

We will continue to work with the support of our strong network of stakeholders, always striving to achieve the same goal: to amplify our impact, protecting the most fragile individuals at national, regional, and international levels, in all our countries of intervention. Together, we can hope and strive for a 2021 and years ahead, where our collective vocabulary is populated with words like connected, e-literate, digitalized, that become true for everyone.

Your sincerely,
Pietro Palella