The ST Foundation operates under the guide of its Board of Directors, whose members are actual and former STMicroelectronics directors, corporate vice-presidents and a Swiss lawyer. The Board Members set the strategic guidelines to implement new projects, working pro-bono, putting their experience at the service of the Foundation. They are involved in field operations and missions as country or region representatives. Their mandate lasts three years and it can be renewed or suspended at any time.

The full description of the board members’ profiles is available in the dedicated biographies’ section as of May, 2021


Pasquale Pistorio, Honorary Chairman

In 2019, the Foundation finalized a revision of the organization, by clearly defining the functions supporting the Board’s activities:

  1. Geographical areas: managed either by Board Members or ST volunteers, who are formally appointed by the president. Currently, this responsibility is held by: Enrico Riva for the Americas; Mauro Decca, Pietro Fox, Enrico Riva for Equatorial Africa, Madagascar; Alain Dutheil, Patrick Dureault for France; Renato Sirtori for the Far East Asia; Pietro Fox, Pietro Palella, Enrico Riva for Italy; and Alain Dutheil for North Africa;
  2. Operations: managed by an external consultant appointed by the Board. She/he is responsible for worldwide project management, including: coordinating volunteers’ activities, nonprofit networking and the Foundation’s internal and external communication. Since 2012, this person is  Giovanna Bottani. She reports directly to the president and the Board Members.
  3. Central goals:managed by ST volunteers and Board Members. They pertain to the development and update of the educational materials.

The ST volunteers, who are pivotal in the operations of the Digital Unify Program, are also vital in the different supporting functions of the Foundation’s activities. They are directly involved in all initiatives, which can range anywhere from teaching, training DU trainers in the different countries, updating the Informatics and Computer Basics Manuals, as well as assisting the Foundation in expanding the reach of the Program in the intervention areas.