Completed Projects



ST Foundation’s strategy aims at cooperating with partners all over the world for an total period of 6 years trying to bring digital literacy to as many people as possible.

Once we reached the potential audience present in the selected areas of intervention we concentrate our efforts in other needy surroundings.

Therefore after this first period of collaboration we can foresee different approaches:

  • We donate the electronic equipment to the local partner so that it can continue the activity, and we try to implement together a sustainable strategy that can boost its economic independence. The key word we follow is partner’s empowerment.
  • We move the equipment to other partners when we trained all the possible people of the area, or when we notice that there is no longer commitment with the program we propose.

The following countries have successfully reached the end of the DU Program obtaining good results: Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Malta, Nepal, Thailand, Tunisia, Uganda.

In these countries we reached  an overall target of 15’171 trainees.

For the details please refer to the dedicated web pages.