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Tablet For Seniors Courses: the Italian Experience

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, isolating some communities more than others, it became clear that the lockdowns disproportionately impacted the elderly population. And keeping connected was the only way to avoid this situation.

As a result, the ST Foundation decided to create video classes for this specific audience to help them become more acquainted with the technology. The T4S pilot experiment took place at Fondazione Casa Famiglia San Giuseppe in Vimercate between May and September 2021. Twenty-two beneficiaries took part in the courses, which were arranged with the help of the organization’s educators.

Listen to Anna’s first impressions, an educator at the Day Care Center for the Elderly who assisted us with class management with our “students.”


Based on this first experience in January 2022, supported by the volunteers of the ST site of Agrate Brianza, we decided to test and bring the in-presence version of the course to the classes. The first Tablet for Seniors (T4S) and Train the Trainers pilot courses took place at the Avulss Federation in Agrate Brianza.

The ST volunteers presented the following contents: introduction to the tablet, Internet and connectivity, communication and media, e-mail, privacy and security, accounts and accounting management, and useful services for an active life. This was just the first step towards the further cascading of the course to help older people familiarize themselves with technology, and why not… have fun.