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The Context
China is a powerful country with a strong economy, rich cultural heritage, and beautiful natural landscapes. Education is a crucial aspect of China’s growth as a nation, given its population of over 1.4 billion people.

Despite many improvements, the education system still faces significant challenges. There is a significant difference in the quality of education between rural and urban areas, with children in remote regions often lacking access to modern facilities and teaching tools. Additionally, ensuring that all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background, receive equal learning opportunities is a significant obstacle.

The Chinese government is dedicated to addressing these issues by investing in educational infrastructure and implementing initiatives aimed at reducing disparities and promoting modernization.

ST Foundation’s presence
The ST Foundation began its mission in China in 2014, beginning with the inaugural Introduction to Computers Basics Facilitation Course (ICBF) in Shenzhen in partnership with the local ST site. This initiative aimed to train community volunteers, equipping them with essential skills to support our goals effectively.

This initiative quickly garnered robust support from ST colleagues, encouraging a strong dedication to the Foundation’s aims. Volunteer participation from ST has since grown significantly, playing a pivotal role in broadening the scope of the Digital Unify (DU) Program.

To date, the program has positively impacted over 5,300 individuals, affirming the Foundation’s enduring dedication to bridging the digital divide and improving technological accessibility for communities across China.