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The Context
In today’s digital age, access to technology is necessary for almost every aspect of life. However, the digital divide is a global problem that affects all countries, including France. Despite significant progress in the field of ICTs, there are still significant disparities between different generational, social, and cultural contexts. These disparities can amplify pre-existing inequalities and hinder progress towards a more inclusive and equitable society.

The digital divide hits older people hardest, as they are less familiar with ICTs. The generational divide is a pressing issue affecting many elderly people in France, who may have difficulty navigating technology due to a lack of exposure or training. With many important services and resources now only accessible online, this gap can lead to feelings of isolation and exclusion.

As well as the generational divide, there is also the social divide. When it comes to accessing IT devices and the Internet, low-income communities and individuals frequently encounter affordability problems. As a result, some people may be left behind, unable to access essential resources or fully engage in society.

Finally, the education divide is another major barrier to digital inclusion. Those with fewer learning opportunities or from marginalized communities may lack the skills or resources needed to access and make full use of technology. As a result, certain groups may be excluded from the numerous benefits of digitalization, such as better access to education and employment opportunities.

ST Foundation’s Presence
The Foundation began its operations in France in 2009. The activities centered on providing ICB courses to specific audiences, such as migrants and the unemployed, to enable them to play a more active social role.

The activities grew and expanded throughout the years until the Covid-19 epidemic put all initiatives on hold. It was not until the final months of 2022 that standard courses resumed. A special effort was also made to revise and adapt the ICB manual to the local context. In addition, in 2023, the Foundation’s activities in France grew further with two new DU labs, one in Tours and the other in Chambéry, and several digital workshops for children were organized in Grenoble.

In parallel, new initiatives for “Society Digitalization” have been launched based on the most recent needs of the health crisis, focusing on the most vulnerable social groups severely affected by the pandemic.

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