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The Context
The ongoing global health crisis revealed an existing digital divide in France too. The most recent French statistics reflect an astonishing 13 million people affected by e-illiteracy, demonstrating an unbalanced distribution of competencies and tools.

Nowadays, knowing how to use technology is essential to access basic services like electronic payments or online medical appointments. However, research still reveals that the needed skills are not always present, even in the most advanced countries. Thus, 40% of French people admit to having problems using digital tools, predominantly among senior citizens. Within this population group, more than 53% of the people, who are over 75-years-old, don’t always have the right equipment and/or competencies, demonstrating a sort of fear of digital technologies.

This phenomenon is not only limited to the elderly. It also affects younger generations, who are sometimes uncomfortable with digital tools. They find themselves not having the proper competencies outside of the video game world.

ST Foundation’s Presence
In 2009, the Foundation became operational in France. The activities were mainly focused on presenting ICB courses to specific audiences like migrants and unemployed people to empower them to play a more active social role. Over 1,300 people were reached by the Foundation’s various initiatives throughout the years.

With the Covid-19 outbreak, standard activities were put on hold, and only during the last months of 2022, the onsite courses have restarted.

In parallel new initiatives for  “Society Digitalization” were introduced based on the arising needs unveiled by the sanitary crisis. These activities have targeted the most fragile social groups, who have been deeply impacted by this current situation, showing a huge digital gap.

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