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The Context
The digital divide is a universal problem that affects almost every nation. And France is no exception, with severe disparities among the different generational, social, and cultural contexts. The generational gap predominantly affects elderly citizens, who are less familiar with ICTs. The social divide impacts low-income individuals and communities for whom affordability becomes an obstacle to reaching IT devices, while the cultural divide excludes those with fewer educational opportunities.

In the country, at least 35% of people live with at least one form of difficulty that stops them from fully using digital tools. And if we consider that we are living in an increasingly digital world, it also means that 35% of French people can not take full advantage of the benefits brought about by digital tools.

 ST Foundation’s Presence
In 2009, the Foundation became operational in France. The activities were mainly focused on presenting ICB courses to specific audiences like migrants and unemployed people to empower them to play a more active social role. Over 1,300 people were reached by the Foundation’s various initiatives throughout the years.

With the Covid-19 outbreak, standard activities were put on hold, and only during the last months of 2022 the onsite courses have restarted.

In parallel new initiatives for  “Society Digitalization” were introduced based on the latest needs unveiled by the sanitary crisis, targeting the most at-risk social groups deeply impacted by the pandemic.

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