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The Context
Morocco, a North African country, is celebrated for its rich history, diverse culture, and stunning landscapes. Over recent decades, the education system in Morocco has seen significant reforms aimed at enhancing access and quality. The government has implemented policies that include expanding the number of educational institutions, enhancing curricula and teacher training, and promoting literacy and vocational skills.

Despite these initiatives, Morocco’s schooling system still faces substantial challenges. High dropout rates are particularly prevalent in rural areas, where poverty and cultural attitudes toward education often pose barriers. Additionally, the quality of education is a concern, with many students lacking the essential skills and knowledge needed for higher education or the workforce. The system also struggles to keep pace with the demands of a growing economy.

ST Foundation’s Presence
The ST Foundation initiated the DU Program in 2004, embarking on a mission to support Morocco’s development through education. A pivotal partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sport marked the beginning of a significantly expanded impact.

By May 2015, the Foundation celebrated a major milestone: reaching 100,000 beneficiaries. A special event at the ST site in Bouskoura, near Casablanca, underscored this achievement; more details are available in the dedicated section.

Our determination to enhance our initiatives has led to significant improvements, including refurbishing DU labs and organizing, among others, unique summer camps. These camps have become a cornerstone of our strategy to provide quality education to economically disadvantaged children. In 2023, our summer camps reached 9,502 participants across 29 sites, showcasing the initiative’s significant impact. With the dedication of 45 teachers, we extended the program to 15 cities, fostering personal and social growth within an engaging educational setting. As of the end of March 2024, we are proud to have trained over 217,000 individuals since the inception of the DU Program. Our continuous efforts to close the digital divide and enhance educational opportunities affirm our deep commitment to making a lasting impact in the communities we serve.