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The Context
Morocco is a country in North Africa renowned for its rich history, diverse culture, and beautiful scenery. Its education system has undergone significant changes in recent decades, with efforts to improve school access and quality. The government has adopted several policies to improve the education system, including increasing the number of schools and colleges, improving curriculum and teacher training, and promoting literacy and vocational education.

Despite these efforts, Morocco’s schooling continues to confront a number of challenges. One of the most pressing issues is the high dropout rate, particularly in rural regions where poverty and cultural attitudes toward education are significant impediments. Another issue is education quality, with many students lacking the basic skills and information required for higher education or employment. Furthermore, the education system is not sufficiently prepared to meet the rising demand of a growing economy.

ST Foundation’s Presence
The Foundation launched the DU Program in 2004 to aid the country’s growth. Many others followed the first collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sport over the years.

Thanks to this strong network of partners, in May 2015, we reached a major milestone: over 100,000 course beneficiaries since the activity’s inception. A special ceremony was held at the ST site of Bouskoura, near Casablanca, to commemorate the anniversary. This event’s specifics can be found in its dedicated section.

The pandemic halted the positive trend of the activities, significantly affecting every initiative.

As the sanitary situation improved in 2022, the Foundation gradually reopened its centers wherever feasible. The activities are now running smoothly. Specific attention is given to upgrading those DU labs using old equipment and the organization of the summer camps

As of the end of June, we have trained over 197,000 beneficiaries since the inception of the DU Program.