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The Context
With a population of over 118 million, the Philippines faces significant challenges in its education sector. The literacy rate stands at 94%, yet only about 60% of individuals complete secondary education.

The government has been active in improving access to learning. Yet, obstacles persist, primarily due to underfunding—less than 2% of GDP is allocated to education, one of the lowest rates in Asia. Consequently, teachers often receive inadequate salaries, and many schools lack the necessary resources.

Quality of teaching is another concern, as many educators need more training and resources to teach effectively. Additionally, the predominance of English as the medium of instruction complicates learning for students who do not speak it as their first language.

 ST Foundation’s Presence
The ST Foundation launched the DU Program in the Philippines back in 2012, intending to improve infrastructure and educational standards for disadvantaged groups. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of local ST volunteers, this initiative has made significant progress in the Cavinti and Calamba areas. Furthermore, the program’s success was showcased in 2017 when it partnered with the Calamba Department of Education to introduce the Tablet for Kids course. Despite the setback caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, the ST Foundation’s initiatives have shown resilience. As of March 2024, we reached over 6,800 beneficiaries since the program’s inception.