Bolivia is a resource rich country which has experienced a strong economic growth attributed to the increase of the natural gas exports – to Brazil and Argentina and a wise macroeconomic policy. The gross domestic product grew at an average rate of 5 % between 2006 and 2015, reaching 6.8 % in 2013. This important economic development transformed the region from a low income to a middle-income country in 2015.

Despite the progresses made from an economic point of view, severe disparities still persist in the country affecting specific sectors and areas of societies like indigenous peoples, rural areas and women. Moreover, 43% of children still live in condition of multidimensional poverty which forces them to find a job quite early to help their family to survive. 4 out of 10 adolescents do not complete secondary education for different reasons, and among these the strong need to work is surely the most recurrent one.

In 2008 the ST Foundation launched a first project in Bolivia with Nuestra Señora del Carmen Centro Educativo with the purpose of contributing to the educational needs of the country. In 2013, on the basis of the good results achieved during the collaboration, once the partnership ended, the organization decided to maintain the presence in Bolivia with a new partner: VIS and Projecto Don Bosco (PDB).

The commitment of both parties brought a remarkable success and the collaboration which was officially closed at the end of 2018 allowed the Foundation to train over 2.200 students in two schools.

The good commitment of both parties has brought a remarkable success of the initiative and as of September 2018, we trained over 2.100 students in our two schools.