DU Testimonies

The Digital Unify is ST Foundation’s major program. It aims at spreading the benefits of digital technology, by providing free of cost both the technology as well as the basic training to those who have no knowledge of how to use a personal computer and access the internet.

Here are some testimonies by beneficiaries in the different intervention areas:

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“To attend the ICB course was a good experience for me. When I started, I couldn’t even turn on a computer, write an email, or search for something on the internet. The course opened the doors on an amazing and fun world. I like to be able to use Facebook or to do researches that only few weeks ago were only in my dreams, since I cannot travel or attend schools. The panic I used to have in front of a computer has disappeared and I am very grateful for the free help I received.” Dália Marina, Jesus Cristo Ressuscitado

“I found the ICB course a good experience where I had the chance to learn how to use a computer,  with its key tools like Excel and Word. The teachers were well prepared and ready to help us. Now I’m ready to study more advanced topics.” Paulo Henrique, Jesus Cristo Ressuscitado


I found the ICB course interesting, useful and practical. I learned a lot of things I have never understood before. The internet world was too vast and mysterious for me, but now I have had the chance to get more information and knowledge on it and its potentialities. I will now use what I have studied in my daily life to carry on my personal tasks.” Liu, Shenzhen Charity Foundation

“The ICB course was well organized, easy to study and the program is quite practical to manage efficiently the tasks of the daily life.” Peng  Shenzhen Charity Foundation


“During the ICB course I learned many things such as what a computer, keyboard, or a mouse are and how to use them. Now I can create a folder, classify files and do my math homework on the Excel sheets. Besides these practical skills I have learned not to be afraid of the computer but on the contrary to well handle it”. Mireille – Secours Catholiques

“The ICB course I attended has given me support and help, because I have always had a kind of refusal for technology, and I was afraid of computers. Actually this course allowed me to look at informatics in a more relaxed way. Now I understand better this world and I would like to thank the entire team of volunteers who helped me”. Bénédicte – Secours Catholiques


“The digital divide for me is the impossibility of achieving that deeper knowledge that informatics can offer. Through the course I had the possibility of learning all those skills that I hope will be helpful for my future especially to find a better job, once I will go back to the normal life” Matteo – Verziano Prison (Brescia). 

“The ICB course was a good experience, now I can turn on a computer and work in an independent way while when I started I knew nothing. I hope to have the chance of use what I learned when I will begin my new life.” Franco – Verziano Prison (Brescia).


“When I joined this course I was told that I would have learned basic informatics. When I completed  it, I realized that  I learned a lot. Now I know how to type, use internet, send emails and use office tools. With my new skills I hope to find a job more easily anywhere and in particular in the computers’ field. As a matter of fact by having this knowledge I will be able to have a better future.” Deepak, IRMA-India” 02nd DU lab, Orissa

“After attending the ICB course, we can easily get jobs. Besides what is even more important is that we have lost any fear and hesitation towards computers. We have to remember that to learn how to use a computer has become very important in today’s era. Actually, we are living in the informatics era and without at least a basic knowledge about this subject every work is incomplete. Informatics makes everything easier and quicker.”Pooja, IRMA-India” 02nd DU lab, Orissa


“The DU Program has helped me to understand how to use a computer and the Internet. With this knowledge now I can communicate with friends. I’m pushing all my colleagues to attend the ICB course since I have found it really useful and I’m happy with what I have learned.” Ina Binti – ST Contract Worker  

“Before attending the ICB course I didn’t know how to use a computer. Now I’m  satisfied with what I have learned and I want to know more. I can use the Excel Worksheet to compute my monthly salary, overtime  etc., I can send emails to my friends and I recommend it to all my Nepalese colleagues as they are unable to attend external classes in Muar due to their working hours.”  Samir –  ST Contract Worker  


“It seems important to me to thank you for having given me the chance to attend the ICB course at the  Fondation Orient Occident lab. I would also like to thank the trainer and the staff who did their best to deliver the course in the best way. During this month I had the opportunity to learn more about computers. The skills I acquired  will be important for the implementation of my upcoming projects. Thus, time, attention, and interest, you have kindly devoted to me, will not be lost. They have given me the curiosity to go on learning. With all my gratitude, please accept, the expression of my highest consideration.” Arafan – Fondation Orient Occident

“We faced many obstacles before we joined this center and although technology is present in our daily life we were not able to use it as we do it right now. My advice to all my friends is to join the center in order to benefit from this great experience. When it will be my turn I will help and share my knowledge.”  Rajae, Azrou Center for Community Development


“At the ICB course I learned all the basics and potential problems linked with the use of a computer. Now I know how it works, its components, and the eventual difficulties I can face while I’m using it. I’m so proud of my experience here! I will use my new skills in finding a better job and in helping my family. My dream is, in fact, to build my own computer shop where I can work with my brother and sister to help my family having a better future.”  Ashley, Antipolo lab 

“Probably attending the ICB course was one of the most interesting experiences I had in my life. I learned that computers can be powerfully used in everyday busy lives for almost all purposes. Proudly now I can say that I am one of those people who are already familiar with digital technology. I can use these acquired skills for everything and they can make life easy. I could use them for my research purposes hobbies and leisure. I feel blessed to have this knowledge. I would also like to suggest to my friends to attend this course. In this way, we can address the Digital Divide Phenomenon educating them. We can be unified in a digital world of technology reaching all those people who are NOT YET familiar with this subject, I can’t explain further, I just want to say that it is SO IMPORTANT to learn.” Jeremiah, Antipolo lab


“The ICB course I attended was interesting and it gave me the possibility of increasing my skills in the use of Word, Excel and especially PowerPoint. Now I can use these tools to prepare my homework and to expose them to the class.” Samantha, Hogar Don Bosco

“The course I attended was good. I’ve learned a lot of new subjects and I will use them first of all at school, for my personal needs and later on to go to university. I would like to suggest to my friends to participate too, since the future is in advanced technologies and you need to know how to use them.” Alejandro – Hogar Don Bosco


“The digital divide can be defined as a paralysis, preventing you from doing many tasks. When I started the ICB course, I was a bit bewildered in front of this new world I was discovering for the first time, as I come from the countryside.  I gave my best to stay concentrated and I felt to be in heaven, I learned a lot and even my friends were surprised of my test results after the course. I will try to use my new skills helping the others. In this moment my dream is to have a PC to teach to my siblings what I have learned and improve my skills on the tool that I call my “GOOD FUTURE.” Gervais, Gitega – LTCR

“The new skills I learnt will help me to be more informed on my country and world. Moreover, when I will go to college, they will help me in the research activity and later on in finding a job since now I have a certificate of my informatics competences. I will for sure suggest to my friends to attend this course because I believe it can help us to be informed about what happens around the world without moving.” Alain-Divin, Ngozi – MUREKE

Congo Brazzaville

When I attended the ICB course I knew nothing on how to use a computer. But I was in any case curious about all the potentialities that this tool can offer. Now I’m totally independent whenever I have to use it and I hope that the new skills I have acquired can offer me better chances to find jobs where I live.” Daniel, Vouela

“ I have always been a little bit scared of computers because for me, only few months ago, they were only mysterious boxes capable of doing many things that I wasn’t even able to understand. Now I can manage them and they have become my best friends able to help me in carrying on the daily tasks of my life.” Laurisse, Makoua

Democratic Republic of Congo 

During the ICB course I have touched a computer for the first time, before this experience my eyes were closed, now I can “see.” I will suggest to my friends to attend this course, because in the todays world there are so many changes and most of them pass through technology, so if you want to keep the pace you need to know it. Children have to leave the roads where they roam all day long to attend schools. If we can be helped, we have to use this possibility. Mathieu, Kalundu  

“When I attended the ICB course I have discovered things that I believed to belong to magic world such as typing a text using a word document and do easy calculations. Now I know that a computer is not a magic box able to do special things, but it something that a human being can handle.” Alice, Kamituga.” Alice, Kamituga 


“I will use my new skills to help others as the Foundation has done with me, because I understood that  the training I attended is the key to open the door on the world. It’s the new “pen” to write our future. I will propose to my friends to take this chance we are offered by the Foundation because informatics, not only has become the pen of the new millennium but it’s a tool to communicate with the world. Tadjidine, Gueultapee

“Thanks to the ICB course, I can now use a computer and I have a good command of office.  I can even fill in e-forms on the web. Among the first things I will do in the future with what I know now there is for sure the preparation of my resume and my motivation letter to find better job opportunities.” Aminata, Mermoz

Sierra Leone

“Sierra Leone is a very poor country and people here, even though they have been to school, cannot use or buy a computer and the situation is even worse with the internet that is so expensive. Thanks to this course I could come closer to informatics.  It has taken me to another level in the world of technology. Now I can communicate and use the internet effectively and efficiently. The ICB program has created a positive impact on me and on my nation at large. Even the poor people can now  approach a PC and it’s free of cost.” Sheku, Methodist secondary school. 

“I appreciated the course so much because it helped me to become literate in informatics. Now I can  communicate with my friends who live outside my country. I will use my new skills to teach to my family what I know and I will also use the certificate to apply for jobs.” Mohamed, Kenema. 

South Sudan 

“The ICB course was the very first informatics class I attended. There are other options nearby but they do not offer free education. Moreover the equipment I used was amazing and the set-up of the lab was perfect: free internet, PCs, a big screen. With these tools the learning was definitely easy. I learned new skills that will help me in using internet to make my research and in sending job applications via email. I would recommend to my friends to join the courses because, not only, it’s free of charge, but also because in only 10 days you can really understand how to use a PC in a simple way.” Yohana, St. Mary’s College

“I would suggest to all my friends to attend the ICB course because it can help you in understanding how to use a PC and then when you can manage these new skills, it seems like the globe is in your hands, since you know what is happening around the world.” Noel, Torit  Day Secondary school.