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The ST Foundation decided to bring the DU Program into the country in 2015 in collaboration with two partners: Fondation pour une Solidarité International, a registered Swiss Family Foundation working on educational projects, and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), an Ethiopian non-profit organization created in 2007 and active on the field of education, vocational skills, entrepreneurship, livelihood, community development, gender mainstreaming and environment protection.

The joint initiative, located in the area of Debre Birhan, had the target of making computers available to children, adults, local administration staff, teachers, and the whole community. Most of them were, in fact, e-illiterate and before the arrival of the DU Program, they had almost never had access to ICTs tools.

Thanks to the DU lab, the beneficiaries could improve their skills to be more familiar with how computers can enhance their lives from different perspectives. The courses continued until December 2019, and we trained over 1,700 students.