Monitoring process: the real-time data collecting system

During 2015, the ST Foundation devoted many efforts on the implementation of a real time data collecting system in order to have the possibility of monitoring the DU courses held worldwide on a daily basis.

Davide Brambilla, ST employee and volunteer of the STFoundation, designed the whole system and worked with the support of the local representatives to its implementation and continuous improvement.

The final result of this great teamwork was the creation of a key tool to verify the progresses of the operations throughout the world. The system has become fully operational and mandatory since January 2016.

The system has proved to have multiple beneficial effects and namely to:

  1. Guarantee a stable control on the activity giving the possibility of implementing corrective actions in real time whenever needed.
  2. Verify the status of our centers throughout the world, indicating for instance if internet (key tool for our courses) is well functioning or if we have low performance trainers.
  3. Gather important statistics and information regarding the participants of our courses, giving also a feedback on the quality of the course we propose.

Moreover, since through the system the students can do their final tests to assess how well they have learned informatics, we have also the possibility of seeing potential weaknesses and major doubts on the different topics. In this way, the Foundation can readjust the contents of the training material to become clearer. Ultimately, the idea is to set up a continuous improvement system that allows the Foundation to present tools that are in line with the need of its key stakeholder: the student.