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The Digital Unify is ST Foundation’s major program. It aims at spreading the benefits of digital technology, by providing free of cost both the technology as well as the basic training to those who have no knowledge of how to use a personal computer and access the internet.

Here are some testimonies by people who have been involved in DU firsthand:

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It was one of the first times as a DU trainer, I was tense, worried and a bit embarrassed. Every time I enter a classroom a thousand doubts come to my mind…”What if they ask questions I don’t know the answer to? What if I say something that turns out to be inaccurate?” Then I started talking and the fear blew away, the words come out easily steadily. One of my most intense experiences was with a classroom of immigrants, in the Italian town of Vaprio D’Adda. (…) What advice would I give to someone who, like me, would choose to give informatics courses? I would recommend something that has little to do with the subject of the course. In my view, what tells a teacher from the other, besides the subject, is the love of teaching.

To convey knowledge is an enriching experience. Without this little secret everything is more difficult. Teaching is such a wonderful experience because it shows us our limits, it pushes us to go beyond them , forces us to ask ourselves how we can best convey an idea and at the same time makes us improve day by day. This is my advice: love what you are doing! (…)

Debora, ST volunteer, Italy

In 2009, ST Agrate and Castelletto volunteers started deploying the DU course at Bollate prison, in Italy, in cooperation with Sesta Opera San Fedele, an NGO active in assisting prisoners in Milan. The pilot course took place on Saturdays throughout the summer, and has involved  a great deal of preparation. Indeed, volunteers have participated to a seminar on how to approach activities in jail, reviewed the course content to fit requirements (specifically concerning the use of internet, which is forbidden in the prison), organized the access to the prison and set up a training calendar, in addition with hardware and training room setup.
Here are some feedbacks they provided:

I had the impression that they want to learn!
I felt a strong sense of gratitude.
During a lesson a student started to tell me about his personal problems; it was difficult for me to manage the situation, I believe that they need to communicate.
I realized that they appreciate our course and also our efforts in deploying it.


I make a point of expressing my gratitude for the training which you organized in collaboration with the training department of the Moroccan Ministry of Interior. In my opinion, the practical approach adopted for this training session, as well as the dynamism and the pragmatism of the ST trainers has made the results tangible and the improvement very clear (…)

Professional trainer at the Moroccan Ministry of Interior, after attending an ICBF session on how to become a DU trainer
Rabat, April 2009

Watch Digital Unify: a video testimony

This film segment has been developed by a young DU beneficiary, Adel Elbouzagaoui, at the Azrou Center for local community services, Al Akhawayn University, Morocco.

It gives a touching image on how computer literacy changed the life of people in the small town of Azrou in the heart of the Middle Atlas region in the country’s hinterland.

“It is 1600hrs on the 19th May 2008 and I’m sitting at my desk in office. I am preoccupied with work and among a dozen things running in my mind, at the moment Digital Unify tops the charts. Yes, today is the D Day. I am taking my first Digital Unify class (…)”

Read more on the inspiring testimony by Deepika, ST India voluntary trainer



The ICB course helped me to overcome my adversity towards the PC and awoke my curiosity for use and application of different programs.”

DU Trainee, asked over whether he believed participating to DU had been overall a positive experience.
ST Castelletto site, Italy, December 2007

As I started getting involved with DU, relatives, friends (and some colleagues, too) have all been asking the same question: -Why? –

I am not able to find one single answer to this query, I personally feel the burden of being part of a privileged group, both because I was born at a time of strong technologic development and because I was given the chance to study.

This inspires me to share knowledge with others. Circulating culture is a big responsibility, and yet it is a rewarding experience. In my (not yet many) adventures as a teacher I have been especially struck by one thing: I have learnt more than I have taught..”

STMicroelectronics CAD Application Engineer
Digital Unify Volunteer