Morocco Ceremony on May 7

On May 7 at the ST site of Bouskoura the ST Foundation celebrated the 100,000th beneficiary in Morocco of its society-empowering Digital Unify (DU) program.

Over the past twelve years, the ST Foundation has developed the DU program through 43 cities and smaller villages, covering 16 regions across Morocco, making the country one of the most active and successful in the program.

This achievement has been made possible with the help of our key supporters:

  • Primarily STMicroelectronics which, on top of the initial financing of the Foundation, provides most of the labs’ material and encourages its employees to participate to the Foundation’s activities, as illustrated by the renovation of the lab “Idriss 1st ” in Bouskoura, near Casablanca.
  • All organizations, schools, municipalities, public organizations with which the ST Foundation have signed partnership agreements.
  • More than 350 trainers that have been intervening in Morocco since the beginning of the program.

In order to thank all the key actors of our program and to celebrate the over 100.000 people trained in the country, the ST Foundation decided to organize a dedicated ceremony. Pietro Fox and Patrice Chastagner welcomed all the guests presenting the Foundation, the present activity and the vision for the future. Philippe Brun illustrated the sustainability strategy of STMicroelectronics and the connection with the mission of the Foundation. The ceremony then ended with a recognition moment for those actors who gave their best in supporting our mission (trainers, partners, ST volunteers and suppliers) and a visit to the Idriss 1st lab to give a concrete example of the DU program and to show the result of an excellent team work activity.

Along with the ceremony the ST Foundation organized also an exhibition to summarize the key steps of his presence in the country and video where we let our key stakeholders speak: students, trainers, partners.

ST Foundation Morocco