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Introduction to Computer Basics for Visually Impaired (ICBVI)

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Introduction to Computer Basics for Visually Impaired people (ICBVI)
In 2019 the ST Foundation decided to launch the ICBVI in Sierra Leone, in order to enrich the existing activities in the country, which is considered to be among the least developed in the world.

It was decided to translate the existing ICB course into a format that could be customized for this at-risk community. The pilot run was launched in October 2019 with an ad hoc field mission.

The project’s output was the creation of a 50-hour course dedicated to the visually impaired community. This result has been achieved thanks to excellent teamwork done by the involved stakeholders, and specifically: ST Foundation, our local partner Bridge the Digital Divide Sierra Leone and Dr. Bernareggi from the University of Milan.

The course is structured in twenty-four lessons of two-hour classes each and it has six modules that offer instructions on well-defined topics such as: training on how to touch type, how to create and save Word and Excel documents, how to create and fully manage an email account and how to use an Internet browser in order to look for information.

This course is currently available for implementation in Sierra Leone and Senegal.