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Tablet for Kids India

The pedagogical approach was meant to be easy to learn and follow along with the DU instructors while also being highly flexible and modular. The course’s main objectives are aligned with the DU Program’s familiarization with ICTs and recognizing their potential for self-directed education and everyday problem solving using this new tool: the Tablet. The educational pillars of this program are exploratory learning and collaborative learning. In a nutshell, tablets are presented as tools to explore and learn with others.

The Foundation partnered with the Swiss organization named seed. It took on the role of developing the content of the course and the innovative pedagogical approach.

The course was first tested in two selected locations in India, about 200 km north of New Delhi. After that, it was further cascaded throughout the country.

Seven years later, we can now count ten operational centers and a brand new initiative that was launched in October 2021: the T4S on wheels.

In collaboration with our partner, the Navjyoti India Foundation, in New Delhi, the first Tablet for Kids on Wheels lab was inaugurated to reply to those educational needs that emerged during the pandemic. In fact, as we all know, many students from underprivileged or low socioeconomic backgrounds faced severe challenges continuing their education due to long-term school closure and a lack of efficient online learning infrastructures. To combat this phenomenon and assist with the online learning transition, immediate action was required, and the relief was access to technology.