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#WeAreAllConnected with STMicroelectronics Foundation and Acra Phase III


The end of the 2021 school year presented the ST Foundation, its volunteers, and the ACRA Foundation with a new collaboration opportunity, that of promoting digital jobs and therefore careers in the digital world.
The reason behind the project
Although we call them digital natives, they also have the following traits:

  • 3% of Italian children cannot download a file from a school platform
  • 8% are unable to use a browser for learning activities
  • Over one million minors live in absolute poverty without access to technology.

This is the deplorable and unfortunate scenario depicted by Italy’s 2021 Save the Children study on digital educational poverty. Therefore, the Foundation felt compelled to develop its fighting tools against the Digital Divide,  focusing its attention on giving young people better perspectives and ideas for their future.
This new goal led the organization to develop new initiatives to promote digital careers. From September to November 2021, the Foundation organized many webinars in close collaboration with its partner, ACRA, and  ST volunteers, to help young students meet ST employees. These occasions were meant to be filled with the inspirational stories of the ST employees and their journey within ST.

Over 900 students attended the virtual events.