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#Connected to the Future


For 2022, based on the existing collaboration created on the #WeAreAllConnected project and starting from the educational needs identified in Lombardy, STMicroelectronics Foundation and ACRA developed a new initiative to contribute to the fight against digital educational poverty and school dispersion.

The core objectives of the activities have been the following:

  1. Promotion of computational thinking
  2. Strengthening of digital skills
  3. Orientation to digital professions

Specific activities have been implemented in each area:

Coding and Learning Course

  • Participation in the computational thinking training course organized by CREMIT for the ST volunteers and ACRA educators;
  • Implementation of the Coding & Learning Course pilot tests for primary and secondary schools in Lombardy and Sicily to build an engaging civic education curriculum that uses the transversal approach of Global Citizenship Education and coding.
  • Launch of the finalized new Coding and Learning Course in schools.

Digital Citizenship for families

  • ST volunteers supported ACRA’s educators in preparing engaging content to help families better use the internet, knowing the dangers that these may imply, especially for their children.

Orientation to Digital Careers

  • The experience had in 2021 with the Digital Jobs promotion was again proposed in 2022, this time having the chance to organize in-presence meetings.