ST Foundation’s network

The Foundation can be very effective in implementing its activities thanks to its strong and committed network of organizations that are constantly supporting its activities.

At present in ST countries we can count on the energetic help of:

  • STMicroelectronics Foundation India, a Non-Profit Organization incorporated under Section 8 Companies Act 2013, which is active from March 2018.
  • Fondation ST pour le Maroc, a Moroccan Non Profit association which is active from January 2019.

In Non ST countries we can count on strong local NGOs with which we signed partnership agreement to empower them to further cascade our program in the different areas and more in detail:

  • Bridge the Digital Divide Sierra Leone, in Sierra Leone
  • Concept, in Senegal
  • Promoting Human Life by Bridging the Digital Divide – PHLife, in Burundi

Thanks to their precious support we are able to cope with the increasing demands and needs of our beneficiaries. They are the operative arm that support the headquarter in contacting, selecting and monitoring possible partners and new projects. All of them work in strict collaboration with the headquarters and to the countries representatives.