Tablet for Kids & Senior course (T4S)

The Tablet for Senior course was developed in close collaboration with our trusted partner, seed. This initiative’s goal is to address the rising IT usage need among the elderly. Therefore, the project was designed specifically for the rapidly aging populations of the European countries, that have been asked to adapt to new technologies. The changes were brought upon the demands of a modern and ever-evolving society.

TABLET FOR SENIOR COURSE (T4S)The course is divided into ten modules of two-hour classes each. The participants will first learn and perform basic activities on tablets, such as: surfing the Internet, taking photos, shooting videos, etc. These basic competencies will then be further developed into more advanced ones, such as organizing trips, using customized apps for daily activity planning, etc.

The first pilot course was scheduled to take place in Italy in the second half of 2020, however, due to Covid 19, the project has been put on hold. We plan to reschedule it by the December 2021.