The Global Alliance

Carlo E. Ottaviani was honored to be invited by the Under Secretary General for Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations to become a member of the Strategy Council of the Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies and Development (GAID), an initiative by now former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to promote the effective use of ICT for development.

The GAID has been created in 2006, building on the work of the ICT Taskforce with the aim of coming together around ICT to promote the achievement of the internationally agreed development goals in partnership with all other stakeholders from government, business and civil society.

The Global Alliance provides a common platform for the UN system and other key stakeholders to contribute to the follow up to the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) by the Economic and Social Council and the Commission on Science and Technology for Development.

Its principal purpose is to mainstream and integrate ICT into the broader UN development agenda.

The Strategy Council provides overall guidance and priority setting and is composed of governments, the private and non-profit sectors, civil society and international organizations.

Together with ST, other industrial companies represented in the Strategy Council are Siemens, IBM, Cisco and Microsoft.

Since the formation of GAID, ST Foundation has been actively participating in its activity and took part on numerous meetings and events – most recently, the Panel Discussion on “ICT for Development – A follow up to the World Summit on the Information Society” held at the Palais de Nations, Geneva on May, 22 2007 – aimed at bringing together all stakeholders, including governments, international organizations, businesses, NGOs and academia to share cutting-edge ideas, innovative knowledge, experiences, expertise and best practice.

These events provide valuable opportunities for finding ways to collaborate and maximize the effectiveness of initiatives, to speed up and scale up efforts to meet the objectives of the WSIS process and those of the Millennium Declaration.