How to work with ST Foundation

The Foundation cooperates with many nonprofit organizations, schools, municipalities, public organizations etc., that share our passion to make a difference fighting against the digital divide

This section is intended for those potential partners who would like to submit a projects to start a fruitful cooperation with us.

First steps of the cooperation

  1. Informal poll on local partner’s will to engage in DU and on availability of facilities and human resources (suitable site, trainers, potential trainees community etc.).
  2. Partners who can propose a project for the set-up of more than one informatics center are preferred.
  3. The potential partner has to present a data sheet with basic information on each potential center (location, availability of said resources, electricity, expected trainees, site manager, detailed budget estimate) along with a brief proposal.
  4. The draft of a project with the assistance of ST Foundation will be further evaluated in respect of willingness and potential at the project site.
  5. Further possible approval by ST Foundation’s Board.
  6. If all the documents provided are evaluated to be in line with our targets the Foundation will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (formal document describing rights and duties of the parties) with the new partner.
  7. Beginning of Digital Unify Program: with the set-up of labs, ICBF course delivered to future trainers, ICB course delivered to trainees.