Local Communities & volunteering

Local Communities & volunteering  

Local Communities is an initiative launched by the ST Foundation in 2011 and aiming at creating one group of ST volunteer in each ST site. The scope of Local Communities is to support the implementation of our Digital Unify program in various forms for the outside communities around ST sites.

On this base the ST Foundation:

  • Is in touch with local STMicroelectronics Sustainable Excellence Champions and newly formed volunteers groups in order to support local Digital Unify activities.
  • Provides the hardware to set up local DU labs (typically, ST reconditioned PCs).
  • Organizes the training for new ST volunteers to become DU trainers.
  • May request volunteers’ help for other Digital Unify activities.
  • Reimburses costs, which ST volunteers incur in while teaching upon prior approval of the same.

Who is a ST volunteer?

A ST volunteer is a ST employee or a retired ST colleague who is a socially conscious individual willing to engage part of his or her free time to perform socially relevant initiatives. ST volunteers are key to Digital Unify. They are involved in teaching, training of DU trainers in the areas of intervention, updating the Informatics and Computer Basics manuals and assisting the Foundation in expanding the coverage of the program.

How can you become a volunteer?

ST employees who want to dedicate a little bit of their spare time to our activities are free to join. We will decide together how they can best support our program.

They could:

  • Contribute to reducing the digital divide of the communities they come from by volunteering for ST Foundation.
  • Have the opportunity of becoming trainers to people who are digitally illiterate.
  • Choose to help ST Foundation with other DU activities, such as the translation and update of manuals and the setting up of other DU initiatives in non-ST countries.
  • Retired ST colleagues are welcome to pitch in!

See also the success stories of those teams that are already working with us in the dedicated sections.

For any other question, please contact: giovanna.bottani@stfoundation.org