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Current Projects

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Since the beginning of the program, we have continued boosting our presence in both ST and non ST-countries, focusing our attention on different areas of intervention. We have supported multiple activities in favor of different potential beneficiaries and namely:

  • young kids coming from poor slums finding data entry jobs in big multinational companies
  • people with disabilities learning how to use computers
  • eager-to-learn boys and girls traveling a long way by foot from home to reach computer labs located in local high schools
  • doctors experimenting digital case histories for the first time
  • mothers keeping in touch with their sons leaving downtown, past long and dusty roads and expensive bus rides
  • small retailers sending their products online from isolated mountain villages
  • grandparents learning how to talk to their grandchildren about their increasingly more technology-linked homework and hobbies

Learn more about Digital Unify success stories in our intervention areas by clicking on dedicated links in the dedicated section.

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Current Projects