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The ST Foundation has been monitoring the impact of its activities in all the intervention areas since 2017. This observation was made possible by the use of an evaluation tool kit that was developed in collaboration with  ALTIS (Research Center of the Catholic University of Milan).

The Foundation’s standard activities’ impact was historically always presented by region. However, since 2020, considering the drastic reduction of the Foundation’s courses, the presentation of the consolidated global figures seems to be more indicative. This quantifying measurement of the Foundation’s activities reflects the positive social changes created by the organization’s core course, the ICB Course, even during the global challenges brought upon by the COVID 19 pandemic.

The 2021 survey analysis reinforce the positive feedback through the submitted answers, specifically:

  • 92% of students would cascade what they have learned to family and friends.
  • 92% of students would recommend the course to their friends.
  • 73% of the students are comfortable using a PC after attending the course.

As for how the ICB  10 lessons course affected the attendees’ lives, who were previously not acquainted with a computer at all,  they use their new skills to surf the Internet (79%); communicate with friends and use social media (75%), do easy calculations (70%) and write documents (70%). The most significant impact can be seen in  58% of the beneficiaries, who use the newly acquired competencies to look for a job, reinforcing the idea that  digital skills create additional motivation for employment searching and career development.

Answers to the question: ” What do you currently use the computer for?” reflect the worldwide overview on the ICB Course’s impact.

Not at all Little Moderate Very much Total
Downloading articles 17% 26% 38% 19% 100%
Looking for a job 19% 23% 39% 19% 100%
Reading e-journals 15% 25% 37% 22% 100%
Write a resume 15% 24% 35% 26% 100%
Write a document 9% 21% 37% 33% 100%
Reading emails 11% 20% 35% 34% 100%
Communicate/chatting with friends/social media 9% 16% 36% 39% 100%
Easy Calculations 10% 20% 36% 34% 100%
Internet 8% 13% 36% 42% 100%


Not at all Little Moderate Very much Total
I hesitate to use a computer forfear of making
mistakes that I cannot correct  
28% 26% 27% 19% 100%
I feel comfortable to use computers 10% 17% 38% 35% 100%