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Monitoring Process: the Real-Time Data Collecting System
The ST Foundation devoted, throughout 2015, considerable efforts to implementing a real-time data collecting system that would allow the monitorization of the DU Courses that were held worldwide on a daily basis.

Davide Brambilla, a ST employee and a ST Foundation volunteer designed the whole system. And with the support of the local representatives, he facilitated its implementation and continuous improvements. The system became fully operational and mandatory for all countries in 2016.

In 2019, due to the growing complexity of the initiatives, an external supplier was brought on board to manage this task. Since then, dieffe.tech has been in charge of managing the tool.

The system has proved to be effective and efficient regarding aspects such as:

  1. Guarantee a stable control of the activity, allowing for the implementation of corrective actions in real-time, whenever needed.
  2. Verify the status of our centers throughout the world, indicating if the internet (key tool for our courses) is functioning well or if we have low-performance trainers.
  3. Gather important statistics and information regarding the participants in our courses while allowing us to receive feedback on the quality of the proposed courses.

Moreover, since students take their final tests through the system, we can see potential weaknesses and doubts in terms of course content, therefore allowing us to adjust by  improving the training manuals. The ultimate goal is to set up a continuous improvement system that allows the Foundation to present tools that are aligned with students’ needs.