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ST Foundation’s strategy involves intense collaborations with worldwide partners to expand digital literacy to as many people as possible.

Once the potential audience has been reached and the operations solidified, the organization will expand its efforts in other at-risk communities and geographic locations.

This final stage of the ongoing collaboration can have different approaches:

  • The electronic equipment is donated to the local partners to continue the activities while assisting them in implementing a sustainable strategy that would lead to their economic independence, autonomy, and sustainability. The main goal of this approach is partner empowerment.
  • If the general attention for the Program has decreased, the equipment is relocated to new intervention areas.

The following countries have successfully completed the DU Program, obtaining good results: Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Malta, Nepal, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uganda.

In these countries, we reached an overall target of 15,171 trainees.

For more details, please refer to the dedicated sections.

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Completed Projects