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STF / Mission

ST Foundation’s mission is to develop, coordinate, and sponsor projects that employ the use of modern sciences and the latest technology to promote human progress and sustainable development of the less privileged communities worldwide.

From an operational point of view, the Foundation differentiates the intervention areas into two categories:

  1. STMicroelectronics countries: those regions where STMicroelectronics has a solid operational presence, including specific communities in developed and developing countries, where economic distress persists.
  2. Non-STMicroelectronics countries: mainly developing countries, where there is a huge need to overcome social, economic, and technological inequalities, therefore facilitating human progress and economic growth.

All the activities are carried out with the strong commitment and support of the ST volunteers, who joined the Foundation to make it happen! The organization, in fact, encourages the culture of community volunteering amongst STMicroelectronics employees through their active worldwide involvement in its projects. This is accomplished by creating the so-called Local Communities, i.e., groups of employees actively supporting the Digital Unify cause.

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