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STMicrolectronics Foundation was invited to attend the XVII Infopoverty World Conference

The Infopoverty World Conference is an initiative started in 2001 to introduce the most innovative solutions and the best practices elaborated by the United Nations system, governments, and the civil society to fight against poverty using ICTs tools.

It represents, for its continuity, operational capability, strong interoperability with the UN system and unique in its kind, a global forum on the digital revolution in continuous development due to its Infopoverty community, formed by leading experts, academics, opinion leaders, managers, government officials, philanthropists, and artists.

In this context, we the Foundation was invited to share its experience on how the digital revolution could be a powerful tool to empower people’s lives in disadvantaged countries across the world.

Giovanna Bottani had the great honor to be speaker the conference. The full speech is available at the following link (minute 41.00) 3rd session: full version.

Sarbuland Khan and Giovanna Bottani speaking in the 3rd panel of the Infopoverty conference