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DU Center was named after Carlo Emanuele Ottaviani, first president of the Foundation.

The DU Center in Bugwana (Burundi) has been dedicated to Carlo Emanuele Ottaviani first President of ST Foundation.

Mauro Decca speaks about Carlo Emanuele Ottaviani First president of ST Foundation.

The computer center is located in the parish of  Bugwana run by the Xaverian Missionaries and covers the municipality of Gitobe which is part of the province of Kirundo.

The municipality of Gitobe has a surface of ca 200 square kilometer (about the size of Milan municipality) and a population of 60.000 people more than 95% living off the land in small communities. 50% of the population is Roman Catholic. Colorgreen No electricity is available in any part of the municipality.

The Xaverian Mission is reached through an 18 km dirt road from the main asphalted road going from Ngozi to Kirundo and is located 1 km from Gitobe market and municipal house. It has been built from scratch starting in 2006 by Father Bruno Ghiotto an Italian missionary who has lived in Burundi for the last 43 years.

In addition to the missionaries’ House and a large church which can host more than 2000 people it includes: a crafts school, a senior secondary school, a junior secondary school, 200-101 a dispensary, a maternity and now they are building a house for the missionaries sisters who will run the dispensary and the maternity.

In this context the Foundation decided to set up, for the very first time,  a computer lab, totally following from scratch the model lab approach created to maximize the efficiency of an informatics center in disadvantaged areas.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony

We would like to mention that it took more than one year of hard work, carried on by the ST volunteers  supporting the mission of the Foundation to finalize this model.

It does not imply solely the pure electronic equipment, but also the photovoltaic system and the satellite antenna for internet connection to face any kind of shortage.

Because of its uniqueness it’s quite clear the importance of such an achievement for the Foundation. For this reason it was  decided to dedicate what we consider a clear metaphor of perseverance, cooperation and innovation to Carlo Emanuele Ottaviani, former president of the Foundation and ST Corporate Communication vice president.

He not only was among the Founder of this organization, but he dedicated  more than 10 years of hard work and commitment to the cause of digital unify, trying to bridging the gap between those who have access to me means of modern technology and those who have not this possibility.

On the 27th of November 2013 Mauro Decca and Tjerk Hooghiemstra (board members of the Foundation) were present to the event organized for the inaguration with the following local authorities: Monsignor Protais Nkubikiye (Muyinga bishop), Emmanuel Ndmeye (Senator of the Republic), Sylvestre Ndibanje (representing the governor of the region), Bonaventure Ndizeye (representing the municipality).