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ST Foundation volunteers teach digital skills to prisoners

Massimiliano Martucci‘s 23-year career at ST has been marked by a commitment to sharing knowledge. Working from the ST Arzano office, he became an ST Foundation volunteer in 2003, driven by the desire to make a difference. His latest venture involved teaching digital skills to prisoners at the “Casa circondariale F.Uccella” prison. The course, Introduction to Computer Basics, which spanned four weeks and included 10 lessons, gave prisoners an opportunity to learn digital skills and significantly improve their knowledge of Word and Excel.

Mariarosaria Migliaccio, another ST Foundation volunteer, has 21 years of experience at ST and started as a volunteer in September 2023, reflecting her belief in ST’s social responsibility. Her recent assignment was with Massimiliano, teaching the same digital course at the same prison. Mariarosaria was struck by the prisoners’ eagerness and creativity, noting their application of skills to practical projects.

The prisoners confided in the volunteers that receiving the certificate of attendance, issued at the end of the course, was essential for them. It gave them the opportunity to demonstrate their changed behavior and commitment in front of the judge, as well as an extra chance to find work upon their release from prison.

Both Massimiliano and Mariarosaria observed the profound effect on the prisoners, who not only gained valuable skills but also a sense of connection and purpose. The volunteers’ reflections on their initial apprehensions and the subsequent positive experiences underscore the mutual benefits of volunteerism.

ST’s support with equipment and materials, such as PCs, printers, mouses, and projectors, was crucial to the course’s success.

The stories of Massimiliano and Mariarosaria illustrate the profound impact that volunteering can have. Their contributions go beyond imparting skills; they foster hope, understanding, and a sense of community. Their experiences affirm the value of everyone’s potential and the significant change that can occur when people come together to learn, share, and grow.