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ST Foundation participates in the Global Digital Transformation Workshop

ITU DTC initiative Team

We were pleased to participate in the annual Global Digital Transformation Center workshop, a collaborative event organized by the International Telecommunication Union (specialized agency of the United Nations) and Cisco in Bali this past May.   

This event brought together global leaders to discuss and advance digital literacy, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity in the digital age. The workshop focused on the key elements of digital transformation, with a close look at the operational tactics of various Digital Transformation Centers. It also highlighted the benefits of sharing best practices and the necessity of conducting thorough assessments of needs and impacts.  

During the event, Giovanna Bottani, the Foundation’s Director of Operations, presented our journey of collaboration, innovation, and impact. She highlighted how, over the past year, the Foundation has continued its mission to fight the digital divide in disadvantaged areas worldwide, partnering with new allies and exploring new frontiers.   

ST Foundation Team Giovanna Bottani, COO ST Foundation Sada Kane, Senegal DTC Representative Mohamed Dumbuya, Sierra Leone DTC Representative

Giovanna highlighted, “These efforts represent our unwavering dedication to creating a more inclusive and digitally empowered future. They highlight the incredible power of collaboration, showing that when we unite our strengths and visions, we can turn dreams into reality and make a real difference in closing the digital gap.” 

Alongside our partners from Senegal and Sierra Leone, Giovanna shared our success story, marking a milestone as ITU extends its operations to these two countries through our partners, thus enhancing our collective efforts.  

We are committed to sharing our expertise and resources with all member countries. We look forward to contributing our knowledge toward creating a world where information, and thus knowledge, is more accessible.