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ST Foundation’s 2023 activity report

In 2023, we celebrated influencing over one million people, our 20th anniversary, and a significant partnership with the International Telecommunication Union. The new partnership with the ITU includes projects in Senegal and Ghana to enhance digital skills, with a focus on inclusion and empowering marginalized communities. 

We have made significant additional strides in 2023, focusing on reducing digital education disparity and enhancing program efficacy. Key projects included the development of a new computational thinking and coding course using Vittascience tools, reinforcing existing programs, and paying special attention to digital education for the elderly. Strategic partnerships have been pivotal, and the Digital Unify Program has impacted over 1.09 million beneficiaries. 

The board welcomed Carlo Bozotti and Claude Dardanne, whose semiconductor industry experience is expected to further our mission of global community empowerment and educational access. 

The program continued its fight against digital inequity in 13 countries, with a focus on access and literacy. In 2023, it expanded its reach, particularly among the elderly, through partnerships and educational courses, impacting 123,440 students through 7,771 courses. 

The Tablet for Senior course, launched in 2019, continued to address digital challenges faced by the elderly with a 20-hour in-person course and an online video series. In 2023, it benefited 125 seniors across Italy and Germany. 

Local communities’ activities
India – Our efforts in India included expanding the T4S senior citizen program, empowering women with digital literacy, and introducing the Digital Unify program in prisons, aiding rehabilitation and reintegration. 

Morocco – The summer camps in Morocco reached 9,502 children across 29 locations, providing quality education and fostering unity among underprivileged children. 

Italy and France - In France, we donated nearly 1000 computers and formed partnerships with major entities. In Italy, we successfully promoted coding in education, encouraged digital careers, and trained volunteers to engage with students. 

New coding course launch
The Coding & Learning initiative evolved to include practical workshops and educational kits developed by ST volunteers and ACRA. The initiative reached schools, trained teachers, and involved volunteers, with a focus on inclusion and reducing inequality. 

Communication activities
Our communication efforts included the creation of the 2022 Annual Report, participation in global workshops, and organizing events to support our projects. We also celebrated the contributions of Italian volunteers through internal events. 

If you are interested in reading the full activity report, click here.
The annual report will be available in September 2024.

DU Pictures

Train the Trainer Course in Accra, Ghana under the ITU collaboration Giovanna Bottani at the Global Digital Transformation Centers Workshop in Cebu City
Sarah Laurie donating 20 PCs to the educational unit at the Timone Hospital in Marseille. Claudia Angelini at the Sustainability Recognition Day with the awarded volunteers