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Tablet for Kids

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Tablets for Kids Course
Studies indicating the benefits touchscreen devices have on children’s learning process led the Foundation to design a new course. The initiative was based on this tool: the tablet, ultimately naming it: the Tablet for Kids (T4K) course, and it was launched in 2015.

The course was developed in India to tackle the Digital Divide issue among younger generations, specifically for children between 9 and 13 years old. This unique and exciting new initiative was made possible with the support of the Swiss-based organization seed.[1]

Its goal was and still is to facilitate disadvantaged children’s participation in the information society through the familiarization with ICTs. With this objective in mind, the Foundation and its partner developed the course content, guiding children to the discovery of basic skills (i.e., taking pictures, shooting videos, drawing, and creating music) along with more advanced competencies (i.e., searching the Internet, writing, calculating, and presenting complex topics in front of the class). Thus, the teaching material was prepared to give children an intuitive understanding of ICTs potential, helping them build essential ICT skills through positive experiences and fun.

The course is currently available in Burundi, India, Morocco, Philippines Senegal and Sierra Leone.

[1] All details on the organization are available on its website: https://seedlearn.org/about/