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#TU6Prof Project

In parallel with the activities carried out in Lombardy, the Foundation decided to activate a dedicated project in Sicily. Following this idea, we partnered with CIAI supporting the #tu6prof project with the scope of contributing to creating an engaging school model involving and stimulating students, teachers, and communities through the use of unusual methods and tools.

Of course, in a Covid 19 scenario, every approach had to consider the students’ rights to access the Internet and PCs to follow all the classes that are taught online.

With this project, we concentrated our efforts in Palermo with the following scopes: ​

  • Renew teaching approaches in a more interactive and inclusive perspective with the creation of a dedicated e-learning​
  • Fight digital illiteracy, which is considered a highly discriminatory element.
  • Help students acquire new ways of learning through digital laboratories. ​

Results of the initiatives are:  ​

  • Creation of specific video tutorials​
  • Creation and donation of a dedicated eLearning platform
  • Strong engagement of ST employees who were involved in the different phases of the project​
  • Set up of the computer classroom of ITC Amari Roncalli in Palermo