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#NoOneBehind with STMicroelectronics Foundation and Acra Phase I

The transition to virtual learning began as the pandemic spread out,  creating a real crisis among the schools in the region. The IT tools that could have helped students follow their online classes were lacking in many families’ homes.

On April 24th, 2020, the ST Foundation, taking notice of this need, organized, in collaboration with the ACISMOM military corps, an ad hoc intervention to distribute over 100 laptops to 9 schools in Agrate Brianza and Milan. In May, the PCs’ donations continued in cities like Lecco and Monza. Furthermore, as a result of the insightful input of its partners, the Foundation identified new potential beneficiaries in Sicily, where another 150 PCs were donated to local municipalities.

These first initiatives allowed children who lived in at-risk socio-economic communities to follow their online classes. By the end of the first lockdown, the Foundation, in collaboration with ACRA,  was able to address some of the educational disruptions caused by the pandemic.

Another challenge brought upon by Covid 19 was also the speed with which decisions and actions had to be taken. Solutions had to be implemented faster than in normal situations to support the crumbling educational system. Keeping this goal in the forefront, the Foundation started working on an additional initiative that was entirely devoted to teachers’ demands and needs. Among them, we found their requirement to familiarize themselves with the digital world better. The goal was to create an engaging learning environment, despite the imposed social isolation by the lockdown.

The Foundation’s #NoOneBehind initiative continued with a donation of 30 tablets to the Municipality of Agrate, Brianza, during the month of July 2020. They were then distributed to three local associations supporting children with learning disabilities to be incorporated as part of their summer educational activities.