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The Context
In 2024, Burundi – a small country in East Africa with no access to the sea and around about 13.6 million inhabitants.  Over the years, it had to combat inadequate teacher numbers and quality and limited funds available for education or a high drop-out ratio. The school system underwent considerable disruptions during the civil conflict from 1993 through 2005, making it much more challenging to ensure a consistent level of education. To face these challenges, the Government has implemented several interventions, such as the incremental increase in education provision with the establishment of more public and private schools and capacity development programs to ensure that teacher training gives them the required skills. In addition, it has forged partnerships with international organizations and donors to improve national education opportunities.

Despite the progress made, there is still much work to be done, and the government is committed to ensuring all children have access to quality education, recognizing it as a basis of true development.

ST Foundation’s Presence
Since 2009, the ST Foundation has been a proactive presence in Burundi, launching the DU Program to assist underserved communities lacking access to information and communication technologies. Our commitment has deepened over the years, playing a crucial role in tackling the country’s educational challenges. We’ve equipped schools and students with the necessary tools to become acquainted with technology, fostering an environment conducive to learning and advancement.

Our 12 DU Labs continue to thrive, consistently advancing the pace of activities. These centers are essential in providing opportunities that significantly enhance the educational framework. Building on this success, we have introduced the Tablet for Kids program in CUBWENGE. For more detailed information, please visit the specific sub-section on our website.

Since its launch, more than 143,000 students have engaged with the DU Program, many experiencing computers and digital technologies for the first time. This achievement highlights our persistent drive to bridge the digital divide and enhance the educational journey of Burundi’s youth.